The Youth Ministry of DuPage AME Church seeks to be DELIBERATE and DILIGENT in the shaping of Christian DISCIPLES who are DEDICATED and DELIGHT themselves in the DIVINE DEVELOPMENT of the Kingdom.


On behalf of our youth ministry leadership team, we would love to have you  participate with your children in the following activities:

  • Youth Leadership Development & Community Service – Y.P.D. (Young People’s Department)

  • Musical Expression – Sunbeam Choir (ages 2–6),  Inspirational Choir (ages 7–12), Voices of Tomorrow (ages 13–18), and G.O.N.E.

  • Scouting – Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts

  • Liturgical Dance/Step Expression – Sisters of Praise and S.T.O.P.

  • Bible Study/Spiritual Development – Sunday Church School, Angel Church, 3D(DuPage Divine Dreamers) and TS3 (Teens Seeking Soul Salvation)

  • Christian Fellowship – Golf for Christ League

Looking forward to a spiritually prosperous year of service and growth in the Kingdom!