April 2018

Dear DuPage AME Church Family,

“…and the third day He shall be raised up.” ~Matthew 20:19b

The Resurrection is the most significant event in human history. Jesus was physically dead and because of His faith, love and hope, God made Him live again.  The Resurrection means that Christians also, like Jesus, even though we will one day be physically dead, through faith, love and hope, God will give us life again. It also means that in the dead places of our lives, whatever they may be, through faith, love and hope, God will resolve those challenges and give us life again. Hallelujah!

In addition to the Passion of Christ, this month we celebrate our annual scholarship program, the Celebration of Talents and our Annual Missionary Day.

We welcome our friends and visitors!  If you are without a church home where you are actively serving and praising God, we humbly encourage you to consider joining with us!  Profess your desire today or contact the church office for an appointment.

God Bless You,

Pastor James & Rev. Lana Miller