Class Leader Council
A member appointed by the Pastor, who facilitates communication within the body, provides spiritual support, and works to channel the ministry needs of the congregation to the Pastor.

Class Leaders 2013


President’s Council
An official group of all auxiliary leaders which meets periodically during the year to inform and coordinate our various and numerous church activities.

Steward Board
Members are appointed by the pastor and are responsible for the support of the pastor and overseeing the finances.

Stewardess Board
Composed of women who are servants of the most high God, persons of good character and in good standing in the A.M.E. church. Appointed by the pastor for 1 year, the Stewardesses’ purpose is to provide the sacred implements of Holy Communion and Holy Baptism, to dress the pulpit and altar for various seasons of the Christian year, and to attend to the needs of the pastor and the ministerial staff during worship service.

Stewardship and Finance Commission
Composed of members appointed by the pastor they offer the church general direction, in budgeting, and financial support.

Trustee Board
Members, nominated by the pastor and elected by the congregation, are responsible for acquiring, maintaining and improving the buildings, grounds and all temporal possessions of the church.

Usher Board
Serves the Lord as “doorkeepers” to His holy temple. We embrace ushering as an opportunity to come closer to the Lord’s work and to reflect our Christian dedication to our pastor and all that come to worship. Meets every fourth Saturday at 9:00 a.m.